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Padel, or Padel tennis as some call it, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Padel is a racket sport that combines elements from tennis and squash. The court is designed with walls like in squash, but with a net like in tennis. The scoring system is also the same as in tennis.

Padel is usually played in a doubles format (two players on each team), and the teams play on opposite sides of the net. The walls are used extensively in the game, which can mean that the ball bounces in unexpected directions. The rackets are thicker than in tennis and squash, but smaller in size, and without strings. This gives the player more control over the racket.

Padel requires less strength and technical skills than tennis. This makes it a sport that suits both children and adults of different skill levels. You experience early mastery in padel tennis, while also getting a good training session. The fact that everyone can play, regardless of ball skills, strength and fitness - makes padel so popular among all ages. Another reason is probably that the social part of the sport is so strong.

Never played padel before? 

Here is how:

How to book?

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Step 1

Download the Playtomic app and create your own profile

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Step 2

Find "GO Padel" and book training time inside the app

Step 3

Go to the center. You can rent the racket and buy balls from us!


Step 4

Play padel!

Remember to book a new appointment till next time :)

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