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GO Padel

Go Padel is a new activity offer in Brekstad owned by the real estate company AHA Eiendom. The aim is to give residents, commuters and visitors a greater range of activities in Brekstad. ​


Exercise doesn't just have to be running or lifting weights - it can also be a social gathering point whether you're young and active, or well into adulthood. What could be better than meeting friends, and at the same time getting your body moving a little? ​


Padel is suitable for anyone from beginner to active, and is a relatively easy sport to get used to. Equipment such as rackets and balls can be borrowed from us inside the hall. Our padel court is a double court, that is, you play two against two. The court can be booked through the Playtomic app, and the rental of the racket or the purchase of ball tubes is done in our turning machine through the Lova app.

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